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Frequently Asked 

  • How do these things work?

                It’s an app and device combo. The devices will connect to your device via Bluetooth. With in-office use, you can control the devices from across the room with your own device. Which means, your client can simply use these as wireless devices without having to download the app on their phone. The Bluetooth range is around 25 feet from a single device.

When these are used via telehealth, your client will need to download the app on their device and connect their stones to their device. Once connected, and the session code is entered, you will have full control of speed and intensity of their BLS experience.

Our team is scrambling to get media uploaded to our YouTube page. There you will find all kinds of how-to videos and explanations of features and also creative ways they have been used. Please keep checking the BluTapp YouTube channel and the BluTapp Facebook page for updates!

  • Do these really work with Groups, as advertised?

                Yes, they do! In person and virtually. As a clinician, I currently host Men’s groups of up to 8-10 guys all over the country. I had always wanted to do Group Resourcing, but the technology was not available. It is now. Regardless of location, my group members can connect their stones to their own BluTapp app on their devices in session. The therapist then provides a 4-digit Session Code, which allows the therapist to control the stones of those participants, regardless of their physical location. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of How To videos online, but it really is simple.

  • What’s the battery life on these devices?

                Users will be able to get a full day of use on a single charge. If you’re doing 6-8 BLS sessions per day, you should be ok with a single charge. I recommend fully charging them each evening, make sure they’re blinking green in the morning, and you’ll be good to go!

  • Do they come with charger cords?

                Yes, all stones come with 2 USB-C charging cords.

  • Why are they called stones?

                I like river rocks! In my old office, I used to have a bowl of various stones and rocks I had gathered from my travels and in sessions, clients would sometimes pick through them and find one they liked to hold. So, I wanted to tap into that innate, calming feel of holding a perfectly weighted stone.

  • Is the App free?

                For those who purchase a pair of BluTapp Stones prior to May 15, 2023, the app will be available from free. Which means you will NEVER have a monthly charge. Period. This is our small way of thanking you for jumping in early!

For purchases after May 15, you will receive a 3-month free period, then 4.99 per month afterwards.

Apps are available on Google Play as well as iPhone store.

  • When can I download the app?

                When your stones ship in June, there will be an enclosed QR card to scan for your app. You will also be able to search your app store and find our logo that way too. Currently, the app is being optimized and will not be available until your stones ship.

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