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The BluTapp Story

BluTapp was born from my frustrations of not being able to help clients from afar. The inspiration to develop these wireless, Bluetooth stones - that can provide EMDR anywhere in the world - came while working with a client who was rapidly deployed.  We had been doing in-office EMDR on his childhood trauma. Once he deployed, I was not able to continue the work with the same depth since leg tapping and “butterfly hugs” were not effective for him.

As I watched more of my military clients being deployed, I grew determined to develop technology that would facilitate remote EMDR and resourcing. Though the journey to long distance healing was not as immediate as I had hoped. 

Initially, rough prototypes were developed. Then the pandemic hit. The world stopped. Any momentum with product development, design or even collaboration halted. I feared BluTapp was just a fantasy.

If the pandemic taught me (and I’m sure those of you reading this) anything, it’s that we need more effective tools for long distance healing – particularly EMDR. I was determined to get this product to market for other EMDR therapists and I succeeded.

Since 2021, BluTapp has been gathering momentum. Collaborators have reappeared. I have assembled a steady manufacturing and development team to refine the stones. With some well-timed support, BluTapp is finally on the market.

I hope, as EMDR therapists, you find the remote, bi-lateral experience of these BluTapp stones effective and efficient. Enjoy these stones and know they were conceived and born by someone who understands the needs of struggling clients.

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BluTapp founder Chris Causey, MA, M.Div., LMHC has treated clients struggling with trauma and addiction using EMDR for 15 years.

Prior to his work as a licensed psychotherapist, Chris worked as a clinical chaplain in Washington state. He supported individuals and families as they struggled with end-of-life issues. That hospice work inspired him to return to school and pursue an MA in Counseling.


Chris is a graduate of LIOS at Bastyr University (2008). His proximity to Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Washington provided ample experience in working with military populations. Chris is a certified EMDR therapist, was trained as a CSAT through IITAP and works with couples as well as individuals.

Founder Chris Causey MA M.Div. LMHC 

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